Brand Story

Ms. Ada Lau, the founder of ADL, possesses 20 years of nail care and teaching experience. Throughout the years, she has witnessed many ladies choosing toxic nail care products unknowingly. Prolonged use of such products may cause damage to nail structures and lead to cracking, deformation or falling-off of nails.

For the health of customers, Ada has devoted herself to looking for nail care products that do not harm the skin or health. With her persistence, knowledge of source materials, and technical experience, she has developed a series of nail care products that do not contain toxic substances and are especially designed for Asian skin tones and characteristics. In cooperation with US factories, the quality of her products have been validated and ADL Soak Off Gel (ADL) was brought into existence.

ADL well understand both health and beauty are the treasures of life, hence ADL insist using non-toxic nail care products

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