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Course instructions only available in Cantonese or Mandarin

For the aspiring entrepreneur, ADA NAIL provides a comprehensive range of professional manicurist course. Upon completion of the course, the trainees will be enabled with skills in professional nail care and can apply the techniques to further their career.

Purpose of the course:

1. Guide students to the techniques of performing manicure and pedicure;

2. Guide students on safety and hygiene factors when performing manicure and pedicure;

3. Explore students’ creativity and help build their confidence and self-esteem to responsibly care for clients’ nail treatment needs.

In addition to the above training, this course will also ensure students become aware of the sales strategy, courtesy, tidiness and public attitude that they should have when working in the nail industry.

After finishing the training course and passing the examination, ADA NAIL can provide relevant employment opportunity to help the trainee further develop their career as manicurist to apply their knowledge. The agenda of the Nail Course is divided into three stages per below:

Basic course

Manicure/ pedicure course (15 hours)

An introduction to the application of the tools and products. Instructor will explain and demonstrate the process and techniques of performing manicure and pedicure, and ensure trainees understand the correct usage and methods.

Technique course (I)

UV Gel Nail Course (18 hours)

Introduce the principles of UV Gel Nail, the benefits of UV Gel Nail, the application of tools and products, explain the difference of UV Gel and Acrylic Nail, demonstration of methods for designing various style and pattern. Also, introduce the application of grinding machine with different types of drill and explain important notice of UV Gel Nail.

Nail Art Course (15 hours)

Explain the principle of the three primary colors, the difference with nail painting and 3D Acrylic nails. There are 20 kinds of tools and products for applications, including color mixing, technique of drawing, drawing skills for petal pattern and the whole flower section, distribution of glitter powder for 3D acrylic painting, placement of flower pattern, UV drawing pattern skills, produced method of various kind of accessory.

Technology courses (II)

Acrylic Nail Course (12 hours)

Introduce the principles of acrylic nail, the benefits of acrylic nail, precautions and contraindications, and proper use of tools and products, demonstration of polishing and teaching the skills of extension of acrylic nail as well as the produced methods of different kinds of acrylic nail in progressive approach.

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